Petrohué and Puerto Montt

On February 15, I spent the day around Petrohué, about an hour from Puerto Varas by city bus. Petrohué is much closer to Osorno Volcano, and is situated on Lago Todos Los Santos. I hiked up the Desolation Trail (likely named due to its lack of tree cover), which gave me great views of the volcano and the lack, and also took me through several of the 'rivers' created in one of the previous eruptions. Osorno Volcano last erupted in 1976.

Osorno Volcano from the Patrohue Waterfall

The Petrohue Waterfalls, Los Saltos de Petrohue

'River' created by one of the previous eruptions.

It extends towards the lake

Lago Todos Los Santos (All Saints Lake)

Osorno Volcano

Lago Todos Los Santos (All Saints Lake)

On February 16, I headed back to Puerto Montt, which is one of Chile's largest ports. There, I took a small boat to the nearby Isla Tenglo, which has great views of the city and harbor.

Taking a boat over to Isla Tenglo

The cross on Isla Tenglo, Puerto Montt and Osorno Volcano in the background

A giant Chilean flag greets all the boat in the harbor (such as the cruise ship that was present today)

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