Punta Arenas

On February 17, I flew from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas, a distance of 2200km (1400mi), of which there is hardly anything in Chile, due to inhospitable terrain. In fact, there isn't even a road to southern Chile within Chile; you must go through Argentina to drive. Punta Arenas is considered the second-furthest south city in South America (It is beaten by Ushuaia, Argentina).

On February 18, I visited a replica of the Nao Victoria, the first ship to circumnavigate the globe, in 1519-1522, and discoverer of the Magallanes region, where Punta Arenas is located. It struck me as a rather small space to spend three years with many other sailors. The replica is very good, and in the same location they are in the process of building a replica of the HMS Beagle, the ship upon which Charles Darwin sailed.

Nao Victoria

Entrance to the captian's quarters on Nao Victoria

Nao Victoria's hold

It would appear that a cruise ship followed me from Puerto Montt

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