Lake 69

On Tuesday, February 3, I went on a day hike to Lake 69, in the Huascaran National Park, near Huaraz. The lake sits at 4600m (15000ft) above sea level. It was a three hour drive to the trailhead, and a two hour hike up to the lake, passing several other lakes along the way.

One of the Llanganuco Lakes, on the drive to the trail.

Lake 68, halfway to Lake 69.

Approaching Lake 69, just below the glacier.

Lake 69

Lake 68, viewed from above

Looking down the valley

That night I took a bus from Huaraz to Lima, where I arrived at 6:30am. The Miraflores district, where I am staying, is considered the nicest part of Lima, and its modern feel makes it seem like a different country from the rest of Peru.

Miraflores coastline

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