From Bariloche to Puerto Varas

On February 12, I visited Lago Gutiérrez, about 30 minutes from Bariloche. This lake is situated along a national park, which has a small waterfall and short hike to a nice overlook of the lake, with Bariloche in the distance.

Kayaking on Lago Gutiérrez

Lagos Gutiérrez (near) and Nahuel Huapi (far)

On February 13, I took a bus back to Chile, from Bariloche to Puerto Montt, Chile. I arrived fairly late to Puerto Montt, thanks to several hours waiting in traffic at the Argentina and Chile border control stations (There are two, one before leaving Argentina, and another about 30 miles later, on the other side of a mountain pass, entering Chile).

Puerto Montt is actually a fairly boring port town on a bay, so in the morning on February 14, I took a short 30 minute city bus ride to Puerto Varas, a tourist lake town, situated on Lago Llanquihue. The lake is overlooked by the Calbuco and more impressive Osorno Volcanos.

Osorno Volcano and Lago Llanquihue

Osorno Volcano from Puerto Varas

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